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Woman exposes VP of sales for inappropriate LinkedIn posts


A lifestyle and beauty content creator on TikTok is going viral after sharing inappropriate messages she allegedly received on LinkedIn from a Hyatt hotel executive.

Alex, who shares content under the username @Alexandriakelly96, told his story on TikTok, sharing screenshots of an executive who apparently contacted LinkedIn with a job opportunity.

Interested, Alex asked what and where he was hiring.

The man, apparently named Jeffrey, responded with some job options, before noting, “I’m actually glad we’re not working together because I don’t think I’d accomplish anything watching you. walk around the office.”

Watch below:

Alex’s video has garnered over 814,000 views since she uploaded it.

TikTok users are stunned by virtual dating.

Many women in particular have responded, sharing stories of random men, especially older men, hitting on them via social media DMs.

“Why do rich old people think LinkedIn is a dating site? a TikToker commented.

Meanwhile, Alex promised an update video, saying she plans to reach out to Jeffrey’s boss to share the inappropriate posts.

Alex returned with news, saying she messaged Hyatt on Instagram and an HR rep responded to let her know action would be taken, though they didn’t share what exactly were. these actions.

Alex also informed TikTok that she searched the internet and was also able to find Jeffrey’s wife and daughter online.

Alex initially messaged Jeffrey’s wife on social media to share her experience, but decided to take the post down after feeling she shouldn’t involve her family. She also worried for her safety knowing that Jeffrey appears to be someone with money and power.

This is not the first time such a situation has happened to Alex.

While she didn’t share details of her past experiences, she noted that she’s been speaking out to raise awareness in the hopes it doesn’t happen to other women.

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