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World Mental Health Day: 5 Kpop Idols Who Supported The Mental Health Achievement. BTS’s SUGA and Bang Chan for Stray Kids


Mental health has been a topic of concern for so many musicians all over the world. The K-pop idol industry is no stranger to it, as busy schedules, a life in the limelight, and overly invested fans are at the center of their lives. A flawless run outside, it has only come under more pressure in recent days with the rise in popularity of these artists.

While some have recently chosen to take a break to focus on recovery, others are dealing in silence. There are others who have spoken of the difficulties and even wrote them in their songs. We take a look at some of those stars who have expressed the importance of stable mental health on this World Mental Health Day.


Amidst being one of Korea’s most credited artists and releasing song after song to the top of the charts, SUGA has made it very clear how important it is to do what you personally love. On several occasions he mentioned that it was enough to do your best instead of trying to meet society’s standards.

Bang Chan for Stray Children:

The frontman of Stray Kids is a swimming champion, a top producer, a rapper and most of all a home of comfort for the fans. While Bang Chan conducts the “Chan’s Room” live broadcasts every Sunday, chatting about everything in life with Stays (name of the fandom), they often thanked him for listening to their concerns and helping them. fans to appease them.

Wendy from Red Velvet:

Wendy is known for her dynamic voice and doll visuals. The singer has previously mentioned how she first struggled with the hectic life of a K-pop idol and took help from a professional she had long delayed. This encouraged members of other groups to admit their own difficulties and seek advice.

Jongyeon from TWICE:

In August 2021, JYP Entertainment announced that TWICE member Jongyeon would be taking a hiatus due to the anxiety and panic issues she was facing. This is the second time that the singer has taken a break because she had already taken one in October 2020 following a herniated disc in the neck and anxiety. The singer assured her fans that she will make a safe comeback once she is well.

Kang Daniel:

The solo singer is a former member of project group Wanna One and the founder of his own agency, KONNECT Entertainment. While Kang Daniel rose to fame after being number one on the survival show ‘Produce 101’ and eventually starting a solo career, the attention paid to his next move was immense. This not only put pressure on the soloist, but also affected his sanity as he took a break from promotion. He came back much stronger and healthier, boosting his fame.

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