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Wyoming High School State Tennis Championships: September 23-25, 2021


The final week of preschool tennis has finally arrived with the state tournament this weekend.

State Tennis will be held in Gillette this year. It starts on Thursday 23 September and ends on Saturday 25 September when the champions are crowned. Below is a link to information about the state’s tennis tournaments, including times, locations and rules.

State tennis events calendar

For a glimpse of who the contenders could be, here are the results of last weekend’s regional game.

Regional tennis results: Sep 17-18, 2021

The women’s title will be defended by Cheyenne Central, who has won four straight wins. They edged Kelly Walsh last year by three points. All five positions in women’s tennis will have new champions in 2021.

Kelly Walsh won the men’s tag team title last year, with Austin Putnam in the lead. He won the No. 1 boys’ singles title and will be back to defend it this year. His teammate Jackson Catchpole is back looking for a second consecutive crown at No.2 in singles. No doubles team returns intact from 2020 to 2021.

Here’s a link to last year’s (2020) state results on the Wyoming High School Activities Association website.

State tennis results 2020

Below, the parentheses for this weekend. The first round matches are set based on last weekend’s results. First there are the parentheses of the girls, then the boys. You will find the singles and doubles slices first, then the team results below.

Single girls

Double Girls

Single boys

Double Boys

Team results

Women’s State Championship scores
Boys State Championship Results

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