Home Doll industry Yorkshire man Dom Kane wins the Great Big Tiny Design Challenge – but almost didn’t end up on the show

Yorkshire man Dom Kane wins the Great Big Tiny Design Challenge – but almost didn’t end up on the show


The winner of Channel 4’s Great Big Tiny Design Challenge has expressed shock and delight after winning the TV design competition, despite not expecting it.

Dom Kane, 31, from Wakefield, was announced the winner of the show when the final aired on Sunday May 15.

He has since revealed how completely shocked it was, as the amateur craftsman’s background was different from most of the other contestants.

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The proud winner explained, “The show is all about renovating a dollhouse and I’m not from that industry or that scene. So I knew I would be in deep water from the first week.

“I didn’t really think I belonged there, and then I went out and won it, and there were some really big names and talented people on the show. It absolutely blew me away, if I’m being honest.”

The craftsman, who normally likes to model game boards and sets, also revealed that he’s hardly been on the show. When the production team reached out to him online asking him to apply for the contest, his message got lost in their applications folder.

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But he finally found it and decided to give the show a try. “I thought, why not? You don’t have opportunities like this knocking on your door every day,” he said.

Even though Dom didn’t expect his candidacy to go anywhere, he was selected for the show and, after going through seven rounds, he reached the final. He was then crowned the winner, making Yorkshire proud.

The University of Huddersfield graduate, who works in mechanical engineering, said he received a great response from across the county, with fans even stopping him in the street. “A lot of people say it’s refreshing to hear an accent like mine on national TV,” he added.

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The competition prize? “I have a trophy and bragging rights,” he joked. But he also enjoyed the experience, trying new things and making new friends.

After unexpectedly enjoying his time in front of the camera, Dom would like to try his hand at more filming. He would also like to offer DIY workshops to pass on his tips and tricks to children.

And he found a new friend in Sandi Toksvig, the show’s presenter. Speaking about his time with Sandi, Dom said, “Sandi is an ace. Sandi is so cool. I got on really well with her and she started calling me her baby boy throughout filming.”

So maybe Dom’s next TV appearance will be with his pal. But until then, you can follow his work on @yorkshire_warhawk.