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You are asking for a response, November 6, 2021 | The heart of the farm is the family


This section is for readers who have questions but don’t know who to ask for answers.

“You Ask – You Answer” is for non-cooking questions. When a reader submits a question, it will be printed in the journal. Readers who know the answer are invited to respond by sending the answer, which will then be printed in the newspaper.

Questions and answers to this column should be directed to You Ask – You Answer, Lancaster Farming, PO Box 609, Ephrata, PA 17522. Attention: Anne Harnish.

Or, you can email your questions and answers to [email protected]

Please specify which question you are answering when you answer.

Do not send a stamped envelope to your address for a reply. If we receive the response, we will post it as soon as possible. Please include your phone number as sometimes we need to contact the person to clarify details. Indicate if you do not want your address published.

Preserve the tomatoes

QUESTION – A reader from Pennsylvania wonders if anyone has instructions for storing green tomatoes to turn them red.

Affordable solar power units

QUESTION – A reader from Pennsylvania would like to know about the options for inexpensive small solar power units, if anyone has any suggestions.

Reviews available

QUESTION – A reader wonders if anyone is used to certain magazines. They are The Green Thumb, Country and Birds & Blooms. Plus, they have greeting cards. Those interested will have to pay the shipping costs. Contact Daniel Smucker at 1021 River Road, Holtwood, PA or 717-284-5288.

Basket weaving supplies

QUESTION – A reader from Berks County, Pa. Wonders if anyone can share information on where to buy basketry supplies, mainly 1 inch reeds. She has no internet connection.

Giant Heirloom Cockscomb Seeds

QUESTION – LuAnn Weaver from Canandaigua, New York wonders if anyone has any extra Giant Rooster’s Ridge seeds that they would be willing to share.

Butcher for chickens

QUESTION – Joseph Harasta wonders if there is a person or a butcher who will slaughter and dress the chickens. He has six old hens that are no longer laying eggs and he would like to have them slaughtered. It searches for any location in southeastern Pennsylvania, northern Delaware, and Maryland. He can be contacted at 856-981-2083.

Looking for wire templates

QUESTION – In Lebanon County, Pennsylvania, a reader wonders if anyone has the templates to make scarves, caps, etc., out of yarn. It is a round plastic with pegs. They prefer it with the ankles close together to make small caps. It’s a school project to make them for the Mennonite Central Committee. They can be contacted at 717-393-5695.

Used books

QUESTION – Jacob Fisher of Oxford, PA wondered if there is a second-hand bookstore where they could get copies of the following books: “Nourishing Traditions Cookbook”, “The Complete Guide to Saving Seeds”, “The Flower Farmer ”and“ Local Color. ”

Old christmas cactus

QUESTION – A reader from Ephrata, PA wonders if anyone has any tips or tricks on how to make a Christmas cactus bloom and bloom. Their cactus is several years old and remains very small.

Look for denim shirts

QUESTION – A reader from Pennsylvania would like to buy thick, long-sleeved denim shirts with snaps on the front. Since the Vanity Fair outlets in Reading closed, he has been unable to find them.

Dollhouse furniture

QUESTION – A reader from Pennsylvania wonders where to buy wooden dollhouse furniture and accessories, preferably by mail order. She does not have Internet access.

Remove stains from the coating

QUESTION – Jackie Sholl writes that they have tiny black spots on their siding and cannot remove them. They don’t know if they are from insect waste and wonder if anyone knows how they can be cleaned or removed.

Early Falling Ground Cherries

QUESTION – A reader from the county of Lebanon has a problem with ground cherries falling before they are yellow or ripe. They wonder if others have this problem and what to do about it.

Sunflower rot

QUESTION – A reader from Pennsylvania would like to know why her sunflowers have some sort of brown rot in the head of the flower when ripe. They look good at first, but then they spoil and even the birds don’t want them.

Answer: Where to get mature blueberry plants in pots

ANSWER – A reader from Pennsylvania wondered where to buy potted blueberry plants that are 3 years or older. Plus, she wanted a strain called Chandler, or other good strains that get nice and fat. Thanks to a reader from Pennsylvania for sending in his response. He writes that you can get 3-year-old Chandler potted plants that will flower and set berries in 2022, as well as other varieties, by calling 609-561-5905. Chandler is a big berry. You can pick them up or have them shipped. The reader writes that he just drove there and picked up some plants and they were very beautiful plants.

Thanks to a reader from Spring Run, Pennsylvania for her response. She writes that AG Ammon Nursery Inc., 1610 Route 532, Chatworth, NJ 08019, has blueberries. Their number is 609-726-1370. It is a sixth generation nursery. The reader adds that most seed catalogs contain berries. Another option to try is Indiana Berry and Plant Co., 2811 Michigan Road, Plymouth, IN 46563 or 1-800-295-2226. You can send a catalog. A third possibility is Barwacz Farm, 05146 59th St., Grand Junction, MI 49056 or 269-253-4419.


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